[unisog] EndNote and Firewall Access

Tim Lane tlane at scu.edu.au
Mon Apr 4 05:45:28 GMT 2005

Hi All,

we are having an issue with access to EndNote from a certain student area 
in our network.  This particular student area  requires all students to 
authenticate through our proxy before they gain Internet access.  The 
problem is with this is that Endnote access appears not to work through 
proxy servers that require authentication.  Other areas of our network are 
able to gain access to Endnote because they are not authenticating through 
a proxy for Endnote traffic.

The only alternative we have identified is to allow a wide range of ports 
through our firewall (as Endnote ports seem to vary significantly), and to 
allow students to bypass proxy authentication for this port range.

Our concern with this is that this wide range of ports may position us for 
potential exploits or virus attacks, which we would otherwise be less 
susceptible to.

Does anyone have a recommendation or suggestion on an alternative to 
opening the firewall up?

Thanks in advance,

Tim Lane

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