[unisog] VSC 2.0 Beta 2 Release

Matthew Wirges wirges at purdue.edu
Mon Apr 11 13:39:19 GMT 2005

I'd like to announce that the second (and hopefully last) beta release 
of the VSC is now available for download from the following locations:

 * https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=101892
 * https://vsc-dev.itsp.purdue.edu/downloads.php

If you are not familiar, the VSC is an attempt at a free web front-end for the
vulnerability scanner Nessus.  It is designed to interact with a Linux
Virtual Server "cluster" of Nessus servers.  

The web interface offers the following features:
  * Immediate or Recurring Scan Requests
  * Scanning policy management (Nessus options, plugin sets, etc..)
  * Single scan reports or "differential timeline" reports

For an expanded list of features, please see: 

For VSC requirements, please see::

  * The VSC is BETA software
  * Documentation exists but has not been finalized.  I hope to have it
    available as soon as the documentor returns from vacation :-)
    (Install / upgrade documentation is available.)

Thanks to all of you who have helped test the previous beta release.

Matthew Wirges
IT Security and Policy Analyst
Office of the Vice President for Information Technology
Security and Privacy, Purdue University
wirges at purdue.edu :: (765)49-62307
PGP/GPG: EB69 701E EECC 5DD0 E604  0EE0 1346 74BF 5DBC 5ADB

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