[unisog] Parsing Radius Logs

Richard Gadsden gadsden at musc.edu
Thu Apr 14 21:57:36 GMT 2005

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Richard Gadsden wrote:

> [snip]
> Like Peter, I wrote a perl script for parsing our logs, which are read from 
> our RADIUS accounting database using perl's DBI interface. Our accounting 
> records are generated by a Radiator[1] server, following the accounting 
> standards defined in RFC 2866 and friends.
> This script weighs in at a rather hefty 296 lines, but it's fairly feature 
> rich. A usage statement is attached. The script does (IP,date,time)->user 
> translations (2nd example), but it does other interesting things too, such as 
> report all dial-up sessions for a particular user in the past few days (1st 
> example), show all current vpn sessions (3rd example), etc.
> It should be relatively straightforward to adapt this perl script to any 
> RADIUS logs that follow RFC 2866. Let me know if interested...

A number of people have asked, so I've put a copy up here. Please see the 
README file if you want to try this out:



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