[unisog] Document Management Systems

Chris Green cmgreen at uab.edu
Wed Apr 27 15:33:44 GMT 2005

At our campus, we have schools that are affected by HIPAA submit their
documentation to the HIPAA Security Office so that one place
maintains/approves the official plan.  Internal Audit would also like to use
this system so that they can keep track of when documentation is updated (or
falls out of date).  This sounds like a problem for a decent content
management system.

We are currently trying to find an affordable (price and man hours) solution
for creating a documentation repository for all of our HIPAA-related
documentation requirements.  This would be used to store Risk Assessments,
Contingency Plans, etc.


 - authenticate against LDAP
 - be able to create workflows for submission/edit/approval
 - user and role based permission for document editing/reading
 - extensible for custom activity
 - work flow creation for the same documents involving
 - revision control of documents

Does anyone have a solution deployed that they feel is worth recommending?
I've looked at Plone and my hunch is it requires a lot more man hours than
we have. 


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