[unisog] sample NAT logs and analysis tools (OBSD- fp)

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Apr 28 00:15:46 GMT 2005

Hi Folks,
	 I am shortly going to have to set up NAT our residences firewall and
one of the things I am going to deal with is storage of NAT logs so we
can trace nefarious traffic after the fact.

I am still in the planning phase and I would be grateful if someone
could forward me some sample NAT logs from pf so I can see what I am
dealing with.

On a more general note how do people deal with the problem of tracing
traffic through Natted gateways?  Are there any tools available.

One of the things that I am considering is to not bother with the NAT
logs at all but instead run Argus <www.qosient.com> on the inside
interface of the firewall.

Russell Fulton, Information Security Officer, The University of Auckland
New Zealand
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