[unisog] recommendations for data recovery?

Christopher E. Cramer chris.cramer at duke.edu
Mon Aug 8 15:27:52 GMT 2005

Let me start by apologizing to those who receive multiple copies of this,
but we're in need of a bit of help.

One of the departments at Duke has been using an Apple XServe RAID and
ran into a problem.  As I understand it, one of the drives went bad.
While restoring the replacement, a second drive went bad.  The department
was able to send the disks off to a data recovery shop which was able
to repair at least one of the bad drives.  So, in principle, we have
the N-1 disks available to restore the data.  The problem is that the
XServe RAID is not recognizing and incorporating the drives into the

We're working with Apple on addressing the problem, however, in the
meantime we are starting to plan for the contingency that the drives
can't be reintegrated into the RAID.  We have spoken with the initial
data recovery shop about the possibility of taking the data off of all
N-1 disks and performing the striping and parity checking necessary
to recover the original information.  Unfortunately, this appears to
be outside of the company's area of expertise.  Given that, we are
looking for recommendations for data recovery companies who may have
done something like this.

If you know of anyone who has such experience, please let me know.


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