[unisog] Question on DRP

Ray Strubinger rays at phhp.ufl.edu
Fri Aug 12 14:54:43 GMT 2005

I'm in an environment with decentralized IT so I'll respond from that perspective.

>>> tlane at scu.edu.au 8/12/2005 8:32 AM >>>

just wondering for those universities who have in place a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP):  

I would be interested in knowing:

1) Are you planning on a cold, warm or hot site and why
As a college we are planning to use a warm site primarily due to cost considerations and our evaluation of the speed in which we need to return to normal operations.  Costs start to increase rapidly as you approach a hot site implementation.  In a sense you could say that some elements of our DR/BCP plan are "cold" as we looked at the DR process holistically and as a result, accepted the fact that it would be impractical on many levels to have all the elements in place to return the entire organization to normal operation immediately.  

2) If a cold site, what arrangements are in place for expeditious purchase/acquisition of equipment
In our view it was not enough to only return the data center to operation, you need to desktops, phones, etc to really begin to return the unit to normal operation.  Since we weren't planning to have spare desktops sitting around, this is the "cold" aspect of our DR plan.  To facilitate purchases as rapidly as possible, we involved those that approve funds for our organization.  We involved them so they would have a better understanding of what we (and they) would be up against should we suffer a disaster.  This enabled them to make suggestions and buy off on the processes we plan to unitize.

>From our perspective, there were two general types of disaster; local (meaning only our organization was impacted) and regional (a hurricane.)  We talked to our regular vendors and believe that in the event of a local disaster confined to our organization that we would have no difficulty in obtaining replacement hardware promptly.  It's hard to speculate how a regional disaster would impact delivery from one or two of our vendors though the understanding is a "best effort" would be made to deliver items rapidly.

3) What recovery time have you nominated for key systems
Two to four hours assuming large amounts of data do not need to be restored.  That time doesn't take into account certain changes that may need to propagate such as DNS.


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