[unisog] Question on DRP - impact of SAN

Kent Percival percival at uoguelph.ca
Fri Aug 12 16:23:32 GMT 2005

The cold/warm/hot decision is a complex one.  As Ray said, unless you
have a clean separation (physical) of your support resources, recovery
involves a lot than just getting servers and data back up.  (I can't
find a recent article that described a situation where key configuration
and password data was lost because an analyst's office was destroyed.)

However, I have a related question which I hope others have a good
perspective on.  There are a lot of economic and operational value
associated with consolidating storage onto enterprise hierarchical
storage SAN systems.  These systems provide for more "online-backup"
(e.g. business copy) and more complex "to tape" policies.  Not only is
the cost/complexity of recovering a SAN to a cold site a problem, but
lifecycle storage management policies could make data recovery more
complex.   The cost of off-site mirrored storage seems to be too large.

Has anyone at a University or College tackles DRP for an enterprise
storage system?


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