[unisog] Vulnerability scanner for MS05-039

Chris Russel russel at yorku.ca
Tue Aug 16 12:27:50 GMT 2005

Our vuln scanning tool is here, updated to detect MS05-039:


(also checks MS04-007, MS04-011 for good measure)

It is designed for speed and should do a class-B in 5-10 minutes or less 
(run with 100+ threads). I got tired of renaming it after every new 
Microsoft security bulletin, so it is just called noxscan now (used to be 
011scan). It is somewhat of a hack but works well enough for us - standard 
disclaimer, YMMV, no guarantees of any kind... Tested on Linux, OpenBSD, 
and Solaris.

Thanks to those on #unisog who helped test it.

Chris Russel
Manager CNS Information Security
York University, Toronto, Canada

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