[unisog] Vulnerability scanner for MS05-039 -- help with metasploit

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Aug 16 21:43:30 GMT 2005

Russell Fulton wrote:
> I'll add my thanks to Syl's!  Great work Chris.
> I have also been busy and hacked a version metasploit's mscli to take a file of 
> IPs this makes it somewhat faster than running the mscli from a script because you
> are not starting perl and loading  metasploit for each machine.  The original version
> spawned processes to run the tests in parallel but I am not sure if this is reliable

Hmmm... may be some of you can help with this. 

Both the parrallel version of msfcli and to a lesser extent the serialised version get errors from connect: "Operation in progress" which I interpret to mean that the connection timed out. The actual connections are made from deep in the msf code which I have not touched.  I do not get the same errors when running mscli with the same parameters. 

It looks as if I might need to instantiate a local version of the timeout variable.  What is confusing is that it is not consistent.

Anyone got any other bright ideas on where to look for the problem?


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