[unisog] zotob and returning students, what are you going to do?

William O'Malley wo at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Aug 18 19:44:06 GMT 2005

Nasl scripts from Nessus and/or this tool has been mentioned a bunch:

On 8/18/05 2:12 PM, "Matt Ashfield" <mda at unb.ca> wrote:

> Hey All
> Well, with this new worm out, and students returning in the next couple of
> weeks, we're starting to wonder what impact this is going to have on our
> network when thousands of student home computers show up on campus and
> connect to our network. Most of these are uneducated users who are running a
> mélange of outdated and unpatched versions of Windows.
> <insert Blaster Worm flashbacks here>
> We have a system in place to scan for and apply windows updates as well as
> do some other scans (spyware and virus) before a user is fully connected to
> the network. But we have noticed a serious flaw. With some versions of
> Zotob, it prevents you from properly applying Microsoft patches. You could
> scan for and remove zotob, THEN apply the patches, but in that short period
> of time between the scan and the patching, will users (we're thinking
> Residence users here mainly) get infected so quick (more blaster
> flashbacks...) that they won't be able to apply the necessary patches in
> time and run into more problems?
> I guess I¹m just floating this out here for discussion and am wondering what
> others are doing. We block 445 at the perimeter, but once students are in
> Residence, they pretty much do what they want within that network.
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