[unisog] zotob and returning students, what are you going to do?

Mark Wilson wilsodm at auburn.edu
Fri Aug 19 16:52:45 GMT 2005

Can someone clarify some things about this vulnerablity and remediation
measures?  According to http://isc.sans.org/ "You are only vulnerable if
you have msdds.dll installed on your system.   The vulnerable version
is: 7.0.9064.9112 . Later versions are not vulnerable (in particular

A couple of questions:
1. Is Windows XP SP2 vulnerable (seems like I have read it is not
vulnerable)?  What if the vulnerable version of msdds.dll is on the XP
2. If the NON-vulnerable dll is installed , does the kill bit have to
be set?

Mark Wilson
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>>> marchany at vt.edu wrote on 8/19/2005 9:12:20 AM:
> whatever the problems with XP, the majority of zotob hits here have 
> been on 
> faculty/staff systems not student systems. We're in the middle of 
> student 
> checkin and most of the students have XP SP2 systems. They also have
> run a 
> VTNET CD before they connect to our net. That CD makes sure the FW is

> up, auto 
> updates are set and the latest AV software is installed. We're hoping

> our 
> security sessions during freshman orientation have taken hold. They 
> appear to 
> have done so last year.
> We're using the York U scanner and Nessus plugins to sweep our nets 
> hourly.
> Of course, we have to deal with vendor software that enables
> for 
> the FW.....
> 	-r.
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