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Brian Friday bfriday at lasierra.edu
Tue Aug 23 16:47:13 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I hope this Tuesday finds you better than yesterday!

I'm wondering if any other Universities on this list are familiar  
with Innovative Interfaces Millennium product and would be able to  
share information in the following areas:

1) Do you have Millennium on your own hardware or that supplied by  
Innovative Interfaces?
2) Manpower hours dedicated to system administration duties of the  
Millennium software/hardware?
-- if your further able to answer the following I'd love the input as  
well --
3) Size of the collection served by Millennium?
4) How has Innovative Interfaces support and patching been?
5) How has Innovative Interfaces networking requirements been?  
(flexible, willing to be secure?)
6) Have you found their sales reps to understate or overstate the  
capabilities of their hardware software packages?

For our University the information is as follows:

1) - using Innovative hardware, Alpha 500 megahertz processor system  
from compaq, we aren't allowed to touch the box so don't know much  
more than that...
2) currently 1/8 of a "person"
3) - 650,000 holdings approximately
4) - unknown,
5) - inflexible, very adverse to following basic security standards
6) - highly over estimated capabilities of in place system....

Thanks in advance for your time, I'll return a summary of my findings  
if there is interest (please indicate if you'd like your data shared).

Brian Friday
Infrastructure Manager
Information Technology
La Sierra University
Riverside, CA 92515
Tel: (951) 785-2900
Fax: (951) 785-2908
bfriday at lasierra.edu

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