[unisog] Validation problems with Windows Update

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Sat Aug 27 01:11:11 GMT 2005

I agree its a hassle, but I don't agree with offering up known 
circumvention techniques as an answer to any problem.

As for our own house -- the Microsoft Campus Agreement is a little bit 
different, though I am not to privy to all its details as I tend not 
even to use windows. My point was, I don't think it would be in the best 
interest of the student/staff member to put themselves in the 
uncomfortable position of comprimising a DRM technique, even moreso I 
find it irresponsible for a security list to be offering that as sage 
like advice. Call it ethics, call it what you will -- some people take 
what they read here and dont run it through any sanity checks and start 
going and doing without realizing that there may be harm and possible 

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

>On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:28:02 PDT, John Stauffacher said:
>>own bookstores to sell them nice new copies of windows xp. If its 
>>actually a legit copy of windows (and they HAVE their certificate and 
>>the CD is an orig, then have them take it up with MS).
>You know where the certificate is for *every* system you have Windows installed
>on?  Would you be willing to shell out large sums of cash for another copy of
>Windows just to get a certificate, if it turns out you've lost/crumpled/
>whatever one of the copies?
>The fact that you don't plug the certificate into a USB port doesn't make it
>any less a dongle, with all the issues that any dongle-based authentication
>scheme has....
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