[unisog] Validation problems with Windows Update

Anderson, Kelly kjanders at umich.edu
Sat Aug 27 01:35:19 GMT 2005


I found the same oddity about being able to download but not install the
WGAV tool from the Windows Update site.  I found, after much
head-banging, that it was because of a Group Policy I had on these
machines.  I configured Group Policy to set the Automatic Updates and
BITS Services to Automatic.  Once I removed these services from Group
Policy and let the local machine configure the service, it installed
without issue.  Try to figure that one out!  :P  


Kelly Jo Anderson  
Senior Systems Administrator    
Windows Technologies  
ITCS, University of Michigan  

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HI All

Our students are beginning to show up on campus and are looking to
register for our network. We are forcing students to do a few security
related things before they are allowed on the network. One of the main
things they must do is update their system by going to WindowsUpdate.

We have experienced a lot of problems with users being able to validate
their OS with Microsoft. Even people who appear to have legitimate
copies of Windows. 

Among the problems we've experienced:

- Users being able to download, but not install the Windows Genuine
Advantage Validation tool. Despite repeated downloads, and attempts at
installing, it simply will not install.

- A potential timeout issue when users go to the website to validate
their version of windows. There is a message stating that the validation
tool was not able to communicate properly. This is potentially a problem
with our firewall rules. What sites/addresses are people letting through
their firewalls now to accommodate for this newly revamped
WindowsUpdate. The error that's given only tells the user to ensure
their date/time is correct.
Not very helpful.

Any info is greatly appreciated!


Matt Ashfield
Network Analyst
Integrated Technology Services
University of New Brunswick
mda at unb.ca 

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