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Fowler, Becky Thurmond ThurmondR at missouri.edu
Tue Aug 30 15:25:29 GMT 2005

At the University of Missouri-Columbia we have a comprehensive security
awareness program that includes a training component.  We've had about
1100 people attend the in-person course, which is a general overview of
computer security that stresses the importance of each individual user
to the University's security posture as a whole.  We also have a WebCT
course that covers the same topics - password safety, social
engineering, workstation security, e-mail security, etc...

There's more information about the program on our webpage -

If anyone has questions about the program or training specifically, feel
free to contact me directly.

Becky Thurmond Fowler
IAT Services - ISAM
becky at missouri.edu

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I was wondering if anyone had had any success getting someone from
Administration to take a network security class to raise awareness of
security issues, and the daily problems we as admins face?  A good
overview of network, host, perimeter, chain-of-evidence, security team,
legal issues, etc.  Something to get admin more in support of IT needs
users' needs.  If you have, please send a link to the class if you

--Patrick Darden
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