[unisog] Active Directory Web-Based Password Reset

Steve Hogan HoganS at SCMHCINC.ORG
Thu Dec 1 17:28:55 GMT 2005

We are a small 501-c-3 non profit charitable organization.
We have a small IT organization 2 1/2 and no help desk and are a 24/7
Mental Health organization serving indigent people.
Many of our staff are not very computer literate and only work once or
twice a week.
So consequently, many of them forget their password and I am now
required to change their passwords every 60-90 days.
I am looking for an easy way to at least give their supervisor the
ability to reset their password without giving the supervisors access to
active directory.  
 Active Directory Web-Based Password Reset may help.  I read the page
but did not fully understand how to implement it.  Can you help?
(561) 732-5581
hogans at scmhcinc.org
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