[unisog] IM Apps?

Schumann, Alex Alex.Schumann at oregonstate.edu
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Oregon State has many channels on the Freenode IRC network
(www.freenode.org) which seem to work well. Theres no ssl and theres no
ldap integration, but when just chatting with coworkers neither thing
has been necessary for us. If you wan't to provide a way for users to
access the channel, theres java applets available such as

I find that IRC has a lot to offer over traditional IM because it allows
groups to chat in channels as the primary communication mechanism rather
than only one-on-one. This leads to more learning, trust building, and
'getting to know eachother'-ness.

  -Alex Schumann
  Oregon State University Housing and Dining Services
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At UMass, within the Help Services area, we've deployed a secure / low
level and restrictive (meaning no file sharing of any kind) IRCS (irc
over ssl) service for internal office use. This solution has been a
secure, cheap (server side = unrealircd, client side = any irc client
that can talk IRCS.) and effective way to quickly communicate with
various individuals across the organization.

The issue becomes authentication... we've found no real way to integrate
IRCS with a directory (openLDAP). Unfortunately unrealircd is not PAM
aware. Currently authentication and authorization are both defined and
limited by subnet and/or host using iptables and the internal acl
provided by unrealircd.

I would also be interested to see what other campuses are doing with
regards to chat services / IM applications and what specific solutions
they provide / functions they serve...

- -Kevin

Ben Curran wrote:
| What are other campuses using for campus IM applications? Thoughts or 
| recommendations?
| Thanks,
| Ben Curran
| Network Specialist
| Humboldt State University
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