[unisog] IM Apps?

John Duksta John_Duksta at brown.edu
Thu Dec 1 21:01:25 GMT 2005

On 12/1/05 3:12 PM, "Schumann, Alex" <Alex.Schumann at oregonstate.edu> wrote:
> I find that IRC has a lot to offer over traditional IM because it allows
> groups to chat in channels as the primary communication mechanism rather
> than only one-on-one. This leads to more learning, trust building, and
> 'getting to know eachother'-ness.

I totally agree with the benefit you call out there, but there are things
that I might care to discuss over IM/chat with my coworkers that I really
don't want going over the net in the clear.

The Jabber solution to group chat is a conference server. One excellent
feature of the Jabber conference server is that it maintains N minutes of
history. When someone joins the conference late, they receive a transcript
of those last N minutes so that they may catch up. You could do this with an
IRC bot, but it comes built in to Jabber.

Also, if I was to IM with a colleague, I don't want to have to tell them
"you can find me as jduksta on freenode IRC in channel #foobar". I'd rather
just be able to add XMPP:John_Duksta at brown.edu to my .sig and leave it at

-john (who has just started to lightly beat the Jabber drum here at Brown)

John Duksta <John_Duksta at brown.edu>
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