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Derek Diget diget+unisog at unix.cc.wmich.edu
Thu Dec 1 21:56:02 GMT 2005

On Dec 1, 2005 at 16:01 -0500, John Duksta wrote:
=>On 12/1/05 3:12 PM, "Schumann, Alex" <Alex.Schumann at oregonstate.edu> wrote:
=>> I find that IRC has a lot to offer over traditional IM because it allows
=>> groups to chat in channels as the primary communication mechanism rather
=>> than only one-on-one. This leads to more learning, trust building, and
=>> 'getting to know eachother'-ness.
=>I totally agree with the benefit you call out there, but there are things
=>that I might care to discuss over IM/chat with my coworkers that I really
=>don't want going over the net in the clear.
=>The Jabber solution to group chat is a conference server. One excellent
=>feature of the Jabber conference server is that it maintains N minutes of
=>history. When someone joins the conference late, they receive a transcript
=>of those last N minutes so that they may catch up. You could do this with an
=>IRC bot, but it comes built in to Jabber.
=>Also, if I was to IM with a colleague, I don't want to have to tell them
=>"you can find me as jduksta on freenode IRC in channel #foobar". I'd rather
=>just be able to add XMPP:John_Duksta at brown.edu to my .sig and leave it at
=>-john (who has just started to lightly beat the Jabber drum here at Brown)

We have not deployed it, but our current plans have been to deploy Sun's 
IM server 
We already use their LDAP/messaging/calendar software.

There are several nice features that I think makes it a great fit for 
higher ed.  1) It uses jabber/XMPP so you get all the benefits already 
mentioned.  2) The next release will integrate with VoIP which allows 
you to convert an IM into a phone call or a chat room into a conference 
call by a few clicks of the mouse.  3) If you have Sun's messaging and 
calendar, it integrates with them to notify a user of new e-mail and/or 
events in your IM window.  And from the sys admin side, provisioning is 
a snap.

And with yesterday's announcement, the price will be right. :)

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