[unisog] IM Apps?

John C. Gale jcgale at uncg.edu
Fri Dec 2 21:29:10 GMT 2005

I have been interested by this thread as we don't have an IM server 
running at UNCG and I know some groups on our campus who use some of the 
big commercial IM services for work purposes (and I suspect they send 
confidential material to each other using these services).  So, why not 
supply a local IM solution instead for business uses?

I looked at jivesoftware.org as recommended previously by Andrew at the 
University of Chicago (thanks for the tip Andrew).  It was a fairly 
decent jabber implementation which I got working in an afternoon (and 
debugged the following day) and included LDAP hooks into our Novell 
authentication tree.  So, all my Novell users are set up with their 
usual accounts.

I enforced the use of encrypted traffic on the server to the clients.  I 
also set up a few pre-defined groups and conference rooms for some IT 
people for testing (I put all the IT helpdesk folks in a group so they 
are all pre-authorized to see each other when the come online and don't 
have to do the dance of requesting authorization).  So far my users have 
been gaim and trillian users and they've worked fine and were all 
configured in moments.

I just thought I'd share my results to others who are looking.



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