[unisog] Forwarding email and security.

Thomas DuVally tduvally at brown.edu
Tue Dec 6 14:11:22 GMT 2005

We allow users to define their own destination.  By default, a mailbox
is created for them on the on-campus systems, but they can change the
mail routing destination at will.  Each system (borders, relays,
exchanges) will do a lookup on each message and route it appropriately.

On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 14:23 -0800, Cary, Kim wrote:
> I've been asked to find out how other schools allow end-users to forward
> their email to external accounts (in our case, Exchange2k3 is the back end
> -- if anyone is doing this with Exchange2k3 I'd love a quick "how to"
> conversation).
> Given that task, I've also heard that autoforwarding email to external
> accounts is a security issue. Does anyone have any policy or technical
> safeguards to share related to that problem?
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