[unisog] Forwarding email and security.

Ken Connelly Ken.Connelly at uni.edu
Tue Dec 6 15:48:16 GMT 2005

Different twist...  For those of you who have defined e-mail as an 
official communications medium, do you:

   1. have diskquotas for users?
   2. enforce those diskquotas wrt incoming mail?

We haven't officially defined (via policy) e-mail as an official 
communications medium yet, although that day may be coming.  We do have 
diskquotas, and we do enforce them, but not immediately.  I have scripts 

   1. check quota status periodically (bi-weekly for students, monthly
      for faculty/staff)
   2. those that are over are so notified and given some time to clean
      up (3 days for students, two weeks for faculty/staff)
   3. during the notification timeframe, multiple checks per day are
      made against those that were notified.  if they get under, they're
      thanked and removed from further checks until the next cycle.
   4. if they're still over when the deadline arrives, they're shutoff
      from new incoming mail (mail to them bounces), although they can
      still send mail via our servers.
   5. they have an automated way to get their incoming mail privs back
      that works 24x7

I can hear both sides of the argument in my head if e-mail were to be 
declared an official medium and we continue to enforce diskquotas.  For 
those of you in that situation, where have you come down on this?


- ken

Edgecombe, Jason wrote:

>At UNCCharlotte, email is also an official communications medium.
>Everyone is able to forward email through our Sungard/SCT Luminus portal
>(students) or MS Exchange (faculty/staff, soon to be everyone). While
>forwarding is allowed, you do so at your own risk. It is still the
>user's responsibility to comply with messages even if they don't receive
>them. IT recommends against forwarding because they can't ensure
>delivery, but you can still do it.
>Jason Edgecombe
>TST Web Developer
>Dean's Office, College of Arts & Sciences
>Phone: (704) 687-4686 
- Ken
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