[unisog] Forcing Automatic Updates via Login Script

Stasiniewicz, Adam stasinia at msoe.edu
Tue Dec 6 16:49:46 GMT 2005

First off you are correct.  But look at it in this context.  If you have
your computers joined to a domain, just use a domain GPO and don't mess
with login scripts.  But if this is a personal computer that say is
logging into a Novell Network, then most likely they are already
administrators on their local computer; since they would have needed
administrator privileges to install the client.

Also to be able to use startup, shutdown, and logoff scripts, you need
to use a GPO, so going back to the point of if you can define something
at the GPO level, don't bother with the login script.

Final note, it is technically ok to specify system settings at login (as
long as you are an administrator).  Just they might not take affect
until the next reboot.

Adam Stasiniewicz 
Computer and Communication Services Department 
Milwaukee School of Engineering 

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> Stasiniewicz, Adam wrote:
>> Based on popular demand, here is a quick guide to setup a login
>> to configure automatic updates.

Doesn't this require that the user be logged in as an administrator?

If you're trying to set a system policy shouldn't this be done from a
time script and not a user login script? 

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