[unisog] Forcing Firefox Image Load Block List to client computers.

PaulFM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Wed Dec 7 20:26:16 GMT 2005

You could also set up a proxy script (It would tell the browser to use the 
proxy for the bad addresses).  Then you just have to put a user.js file in 
their profile directories that forces them to use the proxy script (It can 
download the proxy script from a web page).

Or you could download a cookperm.txt file to their mozilla profile directory 
(the file that actually contains all the image, popup, and cookie policies).

The advantage of the cookperm.txt file is the user could override it if they 

Clyde Hoadley wrote:

> What about telling your DNS to resolve those to ?
> Just a thought...
> --Clyde
> Saqib Ali wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>I have compiled a list (
>>http://www.xml-dev.com/blog/?action=viewtopic&id=169 ) of Ad sites
>>that need to be blocked to on Mozilla Firefox for our users.
>>I was wondering if there is a easy to force this list down to all
>>client computers that are running Mozilla Firefox. Or better if there
>>a way to configure Mozilla to retrieve the updated list from the URL
>>on a daily basis.
>>The list is available at:
>>Let me know if you have any addition to the list. I am trying to block
>>all advertisers.
>>In Peace,
>>Saqib Ali
>>"If you stop telling lies about me, I will stop telling the truth about you"
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