[unisog] Win32 Syslog

Bill Martin BMARTIN at luc.edu
Thu Dec 8 18:25:05 GMT 2005


Its a kludge, but it might work.

Try using tail from cygwin and logevent from the windows resource kit.  This along w/ Snare to send the eventlog converted to syslogs  messages to your syslog server
Something along the line of 

tail -f pfirewall.log | logevent

Obviously, you can get much more sophisticated as needed . . .

>>> rkagan at yorku.ca 12/07/05 11:18 AM >>>
On the same topic... anybody know of a way to syslog windows firewall 
logs?  Any particular firewall that is better than others for this (i.e. 
not limited to ICT, but any personal firewall)?


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