[unisog] unisog Digest, Vol 21, Issue 16

David Fetrow fetrow at apl.washington.edu
Fri Dec 9 20:21:50 GMT 2005

  Query: Admin privs for untrained upper level management.

  Power isn't the main issue, its use is.

  There can be valid reasons for someone to have a privledge even
  if they aren't trained in its use. An example: X gets hit by a bus,
  Y gets hired to replace X, X's boss has enough administrative juice
  to get Y the privs they need to take over. If they are otherwise
  hands-off, what's the problem?


  Untrained could become somewhat trained (I don't mean this disparengely.
  Sysadmining isn't their job and they won't be doing it 40+hours/week in
  any case).

  Again, even if they don't use the privs, training gives upper management
  at least an outline of what the people who work for them do and that's
  usually a good thing. Note that it was once (still?) policy at Ford that
  new hires first spend some time on the production line even if they were
  hired as an executive. What a good idea (although I suspect some of those
  cars might have needed remedial work before being sold).

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