[unisog] Forcing Firefox Image Load Block List to client computers.

Gary Dobbins dobbins at nd.edu
Fri Dec 9 22:58:25 GMT 2005

You might find useful the similar, but browser independent, effect 
possible using Proxomitron or one of the other local proxy tools 
identified at:


Having used Proximotron for years, I have forgotten what banner ads 
look like.

   Gary Dobbins, CISSP -- Director, Information Security
   University of Notre Dame, Office of Information Technologies

Saqib Ali wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have compiled a list (
> http://www.xml-dev.com/blog/?action=viewtopic&id=169 ) of Ad sites
> that need to be blocked to on Mozilla Firefox for our users.
> I was wondering if there is a easy to force this list down to all
> client computers that are running Mozilla Firefox. Or better if there
> a way to configure Mozilla to retrieve the updated list from the URL
> on a daily basis.
> The list is available at:
> http://www.xml-dev.com/blog/?action=viewtopic&id=169
> Let me know if you have any addition to the list. I am trying to block
> all advertisers.
> --
> In Peace,
> Saqib Ali
> http://www.xml-dev.com/blog/
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