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Bartlett, Matt mbartlett at stlcop.edu
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We also hae a mandatory laptop program, and also have users sign acceptable use policies at time of pickup.  We also have faculty and staff sign similar aggreements at their orientation.  Beyond that, we do not have an active method of reminding users of these policies, such as pop up messages and the like.

Matt Bartlett
St. Louis College of Pharmacy

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At MSOE we have a mandatory laptop program, so when the users come to pickup their laptop they have to sign an agreement.  Within the agreement there is a blurb that the user will use the laptop within the rules of MSOE and CCSD.

For other personal computers that a user might bring onto campus, we rely on our good buddies the Supreme Court.  It is my understanding that in one of their rulings an organization is given the right to monitor all the network activity of their users and take action based on it.  So we use that as the bases for dealing with other personal computers.

Past that we don't have any other agreements/polices/etc that the user sees/agrees to. (But we do post our polices on our website.)

Hope that helps,
Adam Stasiniewicz
Computer and Communication Services Department Milwaukee School of Engineering 

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I am interested to know how you display your policies to your end users.  Is anyone doing pop-up/splash screens at login displaying the policy with accept/decline options?  Or are you just stating by logging on to the network you are accepting all network usage policies located at a certain website?

It seems to me that having accept/decline options holds users more accountable. 

Thanks for your help.  

-Chris Golden
Network Team Lead
Lee University
Information Services & Technology
(423) 614-8536

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