[unisog] dealing with windows bridging?

Jerry A. Copus copus at uwplatt.edu
Thu Dec 15 02:06:34 GMT 2005

We threw together a quick page on this subject (http:// 

In short, we implemented the Enterasys counterpart to Cisco's BPDU  
guard. If anyone has links to how this is done on other vendors'  
equipment, I'd like to add it to the page....

On Dec 14, 2005, at 9:41 AM, Matt Ashfield wrote:

> Hey All
> At least once or twice a term, we get reports of odd network  
> activity in the
> form of ip address conflicts. The cause of the problem always seems  
> to be
> that a user has two network connections on their computer and has  
> bridged
> the 2 connections, which is incredibly easy to do if you're an  
> inexperienced
> Windows user.
> I'm just wondering if others have experienced this problem, and if  
> so, what
> are you doing to combat it?
> Thanks
> Matt
> mda at unb.ca
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