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Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Thu Dec 15 14:22:10 GMT 2005

> I'm sure there is an extensive archive I'm missing, but what are the top few approaches being considered/applied to monitor and enforce  student/faculty acceptable use policy as it relates to illegal p2p file sharing?  Interested in solutions that either totally  remediate or just ease DMCA compliance.

There are a few different hardware approaches (Packeteer being chief 
among them) that will help you deal with it .. but remember, many of the 
clients can use encryption, etc (BitCommet for example) so they will 
evade any throtling/blocking attempts.

> Redirects to appropriate archive/resource welcome, but I'd also appreciate recent perspective on the top problems/solutions.   The landscape/technology seems to evolve so often that I'm trying to discern what's wired vs tired vs retired.

Remember that you're a provider under the DMCA -- and as long as the 
"alleged infringing content" is on a student computer -- and not one of 
your university-owned ones, you are legally exempt under the DMCA's 
"Provider Exemption" .. just like the RIAA can't sue Comcast for what 
their users do.


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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