[unisog] P2p file sharing...

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Dec 15 20:32:47 GMT 2005

Dan Rua wrote:
> I'm sure there is an extensive archive I'm missing, but what are the top few approaches being considered/applied to monitor and enforce  student/faculty acceptable use policy as it relates to illegal p2p file sharing?  Interested in solutions that either totally  remediate or just ease DMCA compliance.
> Redirects to appropriate archive/resource welcome, but I'd also appreciate recent perspective on the top problems/solutions.   The landscape/technology seems to evolve so often that I'm trying to discern what's wired vs tired vs retired.
> All input appreciated.

We actively enforce our policies forbidding the use of university
resources to breach the copy rights of third parties.  We do this mainly
by monitoring traffic with snort to detect the various p2p protocols
using the bleeding snort signatures and the Sourcefire produced signatures.

When someone is detected running a p2p app we send them a formal notice
stating the university's policy and requesting that the user cease and
desist if the material they are accessing is being copied illegally or
give us the details of what they are doing if the copying is legal.

This seems to work well.  I usually issue no more than one notice a week
(usually to a visitor or someone who forgot to turn off limewire before
connecting their laptop to the network).  There are several staff on
campus who use BT to download software but we know who they are now and
ignore alerts generated by their traffic.

In our residences we have banned p2p file sharing apss all together.
This is enforced by packetfence which again uses snort to detect
violators who are immediately barred from the network.  Packet fence
also will detect infected machines and get them off the network too.


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