[unisog] RTIR (RT for Incident Response)

Andy Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Thu Dec 15 21:12:43 GMT 2005


Thanks to everyone who put their $0.02 in about RT and RTIR.  Based on 
comments and review of the software, RTIR doesn't quite do what we would 
like it to do.  Rather than reverse-engineer and modify it, we've 
elected to put something together in-house that's more targeted to what 
we're after. 

Thanks for the help!

- Andy

Andy Johnston wrote:

> I've been asked to look into RTIR, from 
> http://www.bestpractical.com/rtir/, as an incident tracking system for 
> our internal use.  Does anyone have any experience with this package?
> It's an offshoot of RT (Request Tracker) which we started to look at a 
> while ago.
> Thanks,
> - Andy Johnston
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