[unisog] RTIR (RT for Incident Response)

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Fri Dec 16 12:59:22 GMT 2005

* Erik Fichtner:

> Anyone happen to have spotted tools for managing your open tickets with
> other third parties?

I tweaked RT in a few ways to make behave more like a regular mail

  - Very important: No more broken Reply-To:.

  - You can use RT to send mail to other parties on ticket creation,
    and they don't receive the ugly auto-reply boilerplate.

  - RT uses per-ticket email addresses in the From: header of all
    outgoing emal messages.  (Prerequisite for the next change because
    an autoreply service can drop the ticket ID when it's part of the
    email address.)

  - RT adopts the subject line of the first external correspondence in
    a new ticket, so that remote tracker IDs are used subsequently on
    outgoing email.  (This means that this RT variant operates cleanly
    with other ticketing systems, a feature I haven't seen anywhere

With these changes, it's quite straightforward to use child tickets to
do what you want.

I don't recall if I published the changes, but they were for RT 2 only
anyway, and easy to recreate from scratch once you know what you
really want to do. 8-)

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