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Alex Tirdil AJTIRDIL at salisbury.edu
Fri Dec 16 21:41:18 GMT 2005

Few ways Salisbury combats this issue.  For one, we use a p2p group in
our packetshaper and put all p2p rules in there, then we give them about
1kb of bandwidth and leave it at that.  This solution will probably be
modified as there are some cases we would not want p2p to be throttled
(for example, World of Warcraft uses bittorrent for game patches).

Now traffic that is encrypted, like encrypted p2p or something along
those lines...we dont have a direct method to stop these however any
"unclassified" traffic will hit our default bin on packetshaper, which
has about 10kb of bandwidth.  So in effect, it is still limited.

We have had no more issues regarding p2p, it basically does not work
and the students accept it.  Anytime we get a complaint about it, we
bring up a case that happened here of the RIAA suing a student and
getting her for about $15,000.  They dont argue after that.

Alex Tirdil
Network Control Specialist
Salisbury University
AJTIRDIL at salisbury.edu

>>> dan at inflexionvc.com 12/15/2005 6:38:21 AM >>>
I'm sure there is an extensive archive I'm missing, but what are the
top few approaches being considered/applied to monitor and enforce 
student/faculty acceptable use policy as it relates to illegal p2p file
sharing?  Interested in solutions that either totally  remediate or just
ease DMCA compliance.

Redirects to appropriate archive/resource welcome, but I'd also
appreciate recent perspective on the top problems/solutions.   The
landscape/technology seems to evolve so often that I'm trying to discern
what's wired vs tired vs retired.

All input appreciated.

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