[unisog] IT Positions open at UT-Chattanooga

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Mon Dec 26 23:18:31 GMT 2005

A few graduations, a retirement, and one literally sailing off into the 
sunset has resulted in several IT position openings at the University of 
Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Official listings at:

> COMPUTER SUPPORT SPECIALIST, Information Technology.
> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/#Comp.%20Sup.%20Spec.,%20IT

> IT ADMINISTRATOR II, Information Technology
> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/#IT%20Admin%20II,%20IT

> SENIOR IT TECHNOLOGIST II, Information Technology.
> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/#Sr.%20IT%20Tech%20II,%20IT

If those links wrap, just go to the main page and scroll:

> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/

(Senior Helpdesk, SysAdmin, and Network Operations, respectively).

Other Higher Ed positions with a heavy IT slant:

> ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Student Financial Aid.
> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/#Asst.%20Dir.,%20Financial%20Aid

> AUDITOR II-Audit and Consulting Services
> http://www.utc.edu/Administration/HumanResources/Employment/#Auditor%20II


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