[unisog] Cansecwest trial balloon

Peter Van Epp vanepp at sfu.ca
Fri Feb 4 17:48:17 GMT 2005

	Russell suggested before christmas that it may be interesting to see
how many education folks are planning on attending Cansecwest 
(http://www.cansecwest.com/) May 4-6 in Vancouver and if there is interest in 
a 1 day fairly informal round table (or more formal if someone has time to do 
some orginizing) session of just education folks before the conference. Since 
the conference is downtown and walking distance to our downtown campus I can
arrange a room without problem (and there is a brew pub just across the street
for when discussion gets heated :-)). So I figured I'd start here and see if 
there is interest, then I'll verify I can get a room and see if we can get an 
invitation sent to any education folks that have already registered for the 
conference (Russell tells me they are receptive).
	I'd think the best day would be the Tuesday before the conference 
which would allow any interesting issues that come up to be discussed at the 
conference but the Saturday after is probably also doable (I'd have to verify
the campus will be open on Saturday, but it usually is). Replies of interest 
to me are probably best and I'll report back on how things look in a week or so.

Peter Van Epp / Operations and Technical Support 
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

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