[unisog] Cansecwest trial balloon

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Feb 4 22:46:58 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 09:48 -0800, Peter Van Epp wrote:
> 	Russell suggested before christmas that it may be interesting to see
> how many education folks are planning on attending Cansecwest 
> (http://www.cansecwest.com/) May 4-6 in Vancouver and if there is interest in 
> a 1 day fairly informal round table (or more formal if someone has time to do 
> some orginizing) session of just education folks before the conference. Since 
> the conference is downtown and walking distance to our downtown campus I can
> arrange a room without problem (and there is a brew pub just across the street
> for when discussion gets heated :-)). So I figured I'd start here and see if 
> there is interest, then I'll verify I can get a room and see if we can get an 
> invitation sent to any education folks that have already registered for the 
> conference (Russell tells me they are receptive).
> 	I'd think the best day would be the Tuesday before the conference 
> which would allow any interesting issues that come up to be discussed at the 
> conference but the Saturday after is probably also doable (I'd have to verify
> the campus will be open on Saturday, but it usually is).

Firstly, Thank you very much Peter for following this up.  I ran out of

Tuesday would certainly work best for those of use who travel long
distances (I always allow a couple of days to sort out my clock ;)

I would be happy to do a short presentation on our perimeter firewall
setup (obsd's pf).  I wrote it for AusCERT but they decided it was to
academic specific for their conference.   I would also like to hear from
the folk who spend their time tracking bot nets, paticularly the role
that dns logs play in this.  Anyone want to talk about p2p apps?

My initial idea was for four 'sessions' each with a brief (half hour)
presentation to get discussion going.  The emphasis would be on
discussion, not on the presentations.

Or we can simply get together for a day and chat...

BTW I can recommend the pub! The beer's a bit expensive by NZ standard
but it *is* good!

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