[unisog] Cansecwest trial balloon

Eric Pancer epancer at security.depaul.edu
Sat Feb 5 06:56:26 GMT 2005

Russell Fulton wrote on Sat, 2005-02-05 at 11:46:58 +1300...

> Firstly, Thank you very much Peter for following this up.  I ran out of
> steam.
I'll second that...thanks Peter.

> Tuesday would certainly work best for those of use who travel long
> distances (I always allow a couple of days to sort out my clock ;)
I'm not sure Tuesday would be best as travel budgets may be slim to
hardly-existent this year for many of us in the States. Would it
maybe be possible to do something the first night of the conference?

> I would be happy to do a short presentation on our perimeter firewall
> setup (obsd's pf).  I wrote it for AusCERT but they decided it was to
> academic specific for their conference.   I would also like to hear from
> the folk who spend their time tracking bot nets, paticularly the role
> that dns logs play in this.  Anyone want to talk about p2p apps?
I could give a small presentation on what we're doing with argus.

> My initial idea was for four 'sessions' each with a brief (half hour)
> presentation to get discussion going.  The emphasis would be on
> discussion, not on the presentations.
> Or we can simply get together for a day and chat...
> BTW I can recommend the pub! The beer's a bit expensive by NZ standard
> but it *is* good!


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