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Wes Young wcyoung at buffalo.edu
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Well that had come into consideration until I met with some reps (both
marketing and security engineer) from ISS. Their IPS seems to fit just
about every niche that I am looking for... Anomaly detection, the
ability to add snort rules if we need to... that coupled with the fact
that they spend about 45million a year in vulnerability research to
proactively protect their clients, looks very attractive at the moment.

Daniel Adinolfi wrote:
| On Feb 07, 2005, at 14:50, Wes Young wrote:
|>     We're looking to venture into the IPS/IDP market....
| Wes,
| What are your requirements?  IDS or IPS might not be the best answer,
| depending on what you want to do.  Network Based Anomaly Detection might
| better fit the bill, as it did for us (with QRadar).
| What do you need the tool to do?
| -Dan
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