[unisog] IPS

David Escalante david.escalante at bc.edu
Tue Feb 8 21:40:29 GMT 2005

Wes Young wrote:

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> Hi all,
>     We're looking to venture into the IPS/IDP market.... I've been 
> looking
> at Juniper and ISS and was wondering if anyone here has gone into this
> market (at the internet boarder level), what they used, their
> experiences and why.... Any information is greatly appreciated!!! 

I'm giving a talk on network IPS at the March "Security Camp" at Boston 
University that will go over what to look for in these products, etc.  
Security Camp info is at: http://www.bu.edu/security/camp/ 

Personally, at this point I'm only comfortable with ASIC-based devices 
designed solely for IPS, and even those have issues.  Last I checked, 
neither Juniper nor ISS was such a product, although Juniper is moving 
in that direction, but I haven't checked in half a year.
David Escalante
Boston College

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