[unisog] Help with notifications from a large irc bot list

Steven Matkoski matkoski at nysernet.org
Wed Feb 9 14:15:05 GMT 2005

Hi Justin,

I will pass this along to my contacts at geneseo.edu, clarkson.edu,
and buffalo.edu. I will also pass along to the NOX mailing list which
has many of these Universities represented on it. Is it ok for them to
contact you directly on the subject?

At 05:37 PM 2/8/2005, you wrote:
>I found an irc channel with 3000+ irc bots in it including a few hundred
>I have it posted at
>Hopefully everyone on this list can check if they have any bots there..
>Unfortunately I don't have time to go through sending notices to each
>network and deal with the inevitable bounces.
>Is there a good way to go about handling this?
>-- Justin Azoff
>-- Network Performance Analyst
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