[unisog] Fwd: Higher Education Privacy Working Group: Program at IAPP Summit on March 9, 2005

David Millar millar at isc.upenn.edu
Wed Feb 9 20:12:26 GMT 2005

I'm forwarding this for Lauren Steinfeld, Chief Privacy Officer here at Penn.
Dave Millar

Date:         Tue, 8 Feb 2005 16:26:49 -0500
From: Lauren Steinfeld <laurenst at POBOX.UPENN.EDU>
Subject: Higher Education Privacy Working Group: Program at IAPP


	I wanted to let you all know about an exciting event taking place in 
Washington D.C. March 9 -- it is the Higher Ed Privacy program being 
offered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals 
(IAPP).  Details are below.  The event is unique in my view because it 
allows for an interdisciplinary look at higher ed privacy issues, bringing 
together speakers who are leaders in fields of IT, law, security, audit, 
registrars, privacy, and FERPA.

	Please take a look and let me know if you are interested in 
attending.  The whole conference is March 9-11 and has a lot of interesting 
content.  For those who want to save on time and money, the higher ed 
program is March 9 from 1-5 and costs $345.

	Please also send this message along to peers here at Penn and at other 
schools whom you think might be interested in this program

	Thanks very much.



You are invited to participate in the “Perspectives on Privacy” 
Preconference Program, hosted by the Higher Education Working Group at the 
upcoming IAPP National Summit 2005 (Washington, D.C., March 9 – 11, 2005).

This is the second IAPP program specifically targeted to the higher 
education community.  This year’s half-day program on March 9, 2005 (1-5 
p.m.) will bring together experts in the fields of law, IT security and 
policy, audit, and student records for a multi-faceted examination of 
privacy issues currently challenging post-secondary institutions.  The 
preconference session will:

Survey a broad range of current privacy-related issues through its 
"Midnight Thoughts" panel, including management of SSNs, payment card 
industry data security standards, impact of California data privacy laws, 
“advanced” HIPAA issues, online privacy, marketing and more;
Explore institutional roles and responsibilities for data stewardship and 
Focus on new issues in FERPA implementation and compliance; and
Provide an opportunity to “ask the experts” questions and to share 
perspectives in a roundtable session.

The IAPP is making available certain discounts to members of the higher 
education community.  Certification of CPE credit is available.  Additional 
details on the program agenda, speakers and registration fees are available at:
(Note, the early registration discount has been extended to February 11 to 
February 18, 2005.)

Members of the Higher Education Working Group represent diverse operational 
units, including privacy officers, legal counsel, business and financial 
administrators, IT professionals, auditors, compliance officers, and others.

If you have responsibility for any component of your institution’s privacy 
and data security program, you will find the IAPP National Summit a 
valuable opportunity to meet and learn from front-line experts.  The full 
Summit brochure is available on the IAPP website at 

Lauren Steinfeld
Chief Privacy Officer
Office of Audit & Compliance
University of Pennsylvania
3819 Chestnut Street, Suite 214
Philadelphia, PA 19104
tel. (215) 573-3348
fax (215) 573-3468
e-mail:  laurenst at pobox.upenn.edu 

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