[unisog] Symantec Vulnerability - info

Bob Kehr rskehr at ucdavis.edu
Fri Feb 11 00:15:50 GMT 2005

I was able to download by going to licensing.symantec.com (which takes you
to https://licensing.symantec.com/licenseapp/jsp/), put in my serial number,
then proceed.

-Bob Kehr

-----Original Message-----
Symantec has decided not to update the vulnerable versions on the Windows
platform. They are advising customers to upgrade to a new build. In NAV/SAV
9.*, this is build and higher. We have not determined yet whether
a new build can be installed on top of the old one, or if you'll have to rip
it out.

It is not available on their site. You'll have to get the executables from
your Symantec rep. (Good luck.)

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