[unisog] Spyware list

Dean De Beer ddb at plazacollege.edu
Fri Feb 11 21:54:45 GMT 2005

Hi All

I thought this might be of interest to aid in blocking spyware and adware

Taken from Bleedingsnort.com :

""The fine folks at Bluetack have been hard at work on updating and making
available their hosts files to block spyware and ads.

They're got the full list dumping to a text file for easy download....

You can get the full list in a hosts file format here:

This contains spyware domains, so use as you see fit. More lists are
available in the same dir:


This is a great project. If you run across a domain not in the list please
be sure to submit it to the admins over there. They're doing pretty
thankless work that's very valuable.

More information is available here:




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