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Leo Howell lfhowell at gw.fis.ncsu.edu
Mon Feb 14 16:53:22 GMT 2005

Hello List,
Does anyone have a script, tool or some other method of converting the
SANS/FBI Top 20 List from the website to a tabular format such as that
Top 20 #     Description                              Vulnerability #
W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0812
W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0813
W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0352 
W2             Workstation Service            CAN-2003-0812
I am planning to create a method, but I would be soo happy to borrow
from someone who has done it already.  I was kind a hoping they would
present a database of the Top 20 list that can be pulled down from the

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