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Chris Gundersen chrisg at techometry.com
Tue Feb 15 15:18:50 GMT 2005

I know that the Top 20 is really two Top 10's, but would it be a good idea
to provide not only a master list with all 20 vulnerabilities, but also a
separate one for each particular OS? That way, people in pure Windows
environments would only have to worry with the list of Windows
Vulnerabilities. I know it is trivial to segregate all the U* items from
the W* items in a single data file, but that might remove a level of
complexity for people wishing to automate processes using these data.

Perhaps a link for download that will either spit out the entire CVS file
or just Win or Unix vulnerabilities, depending on which link you click? A
little Perl can make that a reality in short order, depending on the
environment. I don't want to make things harder, and am certainly willing
to pound out some code towards this effort.

Just my two cents...


Leo Howell said:
> A CVS format would be a perfect world.  Looking at the Top-20 list on
> the site I think the following fields would be relevant:
> Top 20# | Description | Vulnerability # | Affected OS | Affected
> Services
> What say you all?
>>>> Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu 2/14/2005 3:44:17 PM >>>
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 11:53:22 EST, Leo Howell said:
>> Does anyone have a script, tool or some other method of converting
> the
>> SANS/FBI Top 20 List from the website to a tabular format such as
> that
>> below?
>> E.g.
>> Top 20 #     Description                              Vulnerability
> #
>> W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0812
>> W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0813
>> W1             Web Servers & Services      CAN-2003-0352
>> W2             Workstation Service            CAN-2003-0812
> I don't have one handy, but if there's enough demand and a consensus of
> what
> fields are desired, I'll see if I can get a CSV-format thing included
> as
> part of this year's Top-20 (speaking not as a SANS person, but somebody
> who's
> done every one of them since the first top-10 except one year)....
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