[unisog] Is MS and Computerworld that nieve??

Bill Martin bmartin at luc.edu
Fri Feb 18 05:32:28 GMT 2005

Just thought the following was amusing.  Mind the verbiage . . .

This is a clip from the Thursday - February 17, 2005 e-mail notice from
the Computer World Security Email list:

RSA: Microsoft On 'Rootkits': Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Microsoft security researchers said that a new generation of
system monitoring programs called rootkits could soon be used to create
new mass-distributed spyware and worms.


I have not read the article, I just thought it was funny that they
calssify "rootkits" new.  Even in the Windows world, NT Rookkit has been
around for YEARS!!!

MS is as dumb as Jessica Simpson if they really believe that a "windows
rootkit" is concept. . . then again. Computerworld is not much better
for the pull-out they use.

-Bill Martin-
Sr. Systems Analyst
Loyola University Chicago
bmartin at luc.edu

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