[unisog] Admin Password Management

Stan Horwitz stan at temple.edu
Tue Feb 22 23:55:32 GMT 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Chris Green wrote:

>How do people ensure that admin passwords stay up to date, especially as
>part of restoration procedures?  The popular method here has been to have a
>text file per group delivered to a safe with Director level access.  The big
>problem with this is auditing the passwords and ensuring that everyone
>coughs up the goods each round of change.
>http://www.e-dmzsecurity.com/par.html seems like an interesting idea.  Not
>sure I'd trust a new webapp enough to perform this function.
>Does anyone have solutions in place other than a cron job reminder to
>administrators? :)

We have about six pages worth of admin passwords for mostly root
accounts kept on a simple MS Access database on a non-networked
PC. Each of us in my group has a printed copy of the passwords.
Its not anything fancy. Each of us is required to update the
database when we change an administrative password, and we're
all very good at doing that and its reasonably secure because
the PC where this db is housed is not kept on a network and its
behind lock and key.

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