[unisog] Salisbury University's IT Tools CD Contents

Alex Tirdil AJTIRDIL at salisbury.edu
Wed Feb 23 21:58:17 GMT 2005

I have not heard of this until you mentioned it.  We have not cleared it
with microsoft, but I will call them and discuss it with them.  We put
it on the CD (which only our techs have access too) so we could carry it
around with us to install if we needed to.

I would like to know from MS how we are supposed to get Service Pack 2
to people with no internet access.  The only way I could think of doing
that would be to put service pack 2 on a cd.

-alex t

>>> ldr at uiuc.edu 2/23/2005 3:58:36 PM >>>
I see you are distributing SP2 for XP

We where told by MS that this was something we 
where not allowed to do, distribute the patch on 
CD of our own making.

Just wondering, how did you get MS to agree to this?


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